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One of the longest established shoemakers in England, RE Tricker Limited was founded in 1829 by Joseph Tricker. A reputation for outstanding manufacturing quality, established Tricker's as the maker of choice for heavy country boots and shoes to farm and estate owners and the landed gentry.Walter James Barltrop, son-in-law to Joseph Tricker, made this boot when he was only 7 years old. While simple in its execution, it pointed the way for the waterproof country shoes and boots that Trickers customers prize so highly today. 1840 also saw other innovations, Cunard's RMS Britannia was the first ship to cross the Atlantic under steam power, Nelson's Column was constructed and the first stones of the new palace of Westminster were laid in 1840 too. (Aptly enough, given how many statesmen have made their boldest steps shod in Trickers country boots).


The new Tricker's factory, located at 56-60 St Michael's Rd, Northampton, opened it's doors in 1904. The same factory is still the base for all Tricker's manufacture today. While traditional manufacturing processes have changed over time, our commitment to making shoes and boots of outstanding quality has remained the same and Tricker's men and women can perform specialist operations which many other welted manufacturers cannot.