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Nobis embodies its unique commitment of combining highly technical functionality with fashion forward silhouettes in the creation the brand's exclusive and signature: outerwear, headwear, knitwear and shoes.In 2007 "nobis"- latin for "us" was launched. Nobis is extremely proud of its rapidly growing international presence and global brand awareness, expanding now into 40 countries and catering to the specific needs of today's customer."Embracing the conviction that trends may come and go but, style, function and quality remain timeless".
The luxury outerwear brand offers iconic tailored Canadian down filled jackets that are inspired by a rediscovered appreciation for the more simplified lifestyle of the past. Traditional iconic silhouettes are carefully reworked, revisited and tailored without compromising the technical elements synonymous with the brand's core value of exceeding expectation. Color palettes are a refreshing take on the simplistic luxury of these finely crafted pieces.Nobis creates for the ever-changing global winters, unpredictable seasonal conditions and the growing need for fashionable and functional outwear. Collections have a range of multifunctional jackets complimented by headwear, accessories, knitwear and shoes. Nobis knitwear presents the perfect balance of intricate knit textures, collaborated with simple silhouettes, for simplified yet stylish wear.


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