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Arabia, one of the best-known and valued brands in Finland, is clarifying its strategy and updating its brand appearance. The new look focuses on the future but remains firmly rooted in its strong tradition.Arabia is one of Finland's best known and most highly regarded brands. For over 140 years, Arabia has held a strong position in Finnish homes. Arabia is a pioneer of Finnish design and its designs express timeless beauty, quality and practicality. Since 1873, Arabia has mirrored the times, with a commitment to strong, consumer-oriented design. Arabia's key competences consist of design, long-term brand development and Finnishness. The objective is to ensure that the brand has a strong position and market leadership in place setting. Arabia's tableware brings people together to enjoy good food and good company.
As part of the development of Fiskars Home business brands, Arabia is revamping its look during 2014. In the strong portfolio of Fiskars dining and interior design brands, Arabia is clarifying its role as a creator of homely table settings for Finnish homes. The revamp will lead to changes in Arabia's overall visual look to support the brand's existing, strong emotional tie to Finnish everyday life.
"Arabia has an exceptionally strong position in the hearts of the Finns, which is something we are very proud of and want to cherish. With this updated look we want to emphasize Arabia's role as a regionally strong brand: a modern yet cozy creator of settings for homes. The revamp also makes a clear distinction between Arabia's look and that of the internationally growing design brand Iittala,"